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Resale of Licenses

Our technological independence, the quality and accuracy of our advice depend on our access to Software Publishers information. In fact, we are naturally very well positioned to offer you the product or solution that best suits your needs.

Beyond the “partnership” aspect, we guarantee you the best quality / price ratio thanks to our mastery of the products and especially the particularities of the price lists of the editors.

Our sales team is regularly trained and certified to promote these Software Publishers offers. With DMI, you will not have the bad surprise of being delivered a product that does not meet your expectations.


Whether for a technical management project, ITAM or ITSM, DMI assists you in defining your needs while taking into account your business processes and specificities.

After analysis, we advise you in the choice of the most suitable tools, through arguments and precise comparisons.

We have a team of certified consultants at the highest level on all the products we offer.

We make you benefit from our expertise to advise you and carry out all your projects.

Expertise and Engineering

With our past experiences and the constantly renewed skills of our consultants, we are able to bring you expertise on many topics.

Here some examples :

  • A complex automation project for a smooth transition to Windows 10?
  • A help to define and secure the best your new Windows 10 Master?
  • A redesign or migration of your Active Directory infrastructure?
  • An audit and best practices of your GPO?
  • Development of tools to help the administration

Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs, we may have the solution for you!

Implementation of solutions

The acquisition of a solution, whatever it is, is accompanied by a technical implementation, but that represents only the visible part of the iceberg!

DMI supports you in the integration of your solutions by being particularly attentive to your existing environment (Infrastructure, Processes, workflows, indicators, …)

Our process allows us to approach the integration of your solutions, not only through the technical aspect, but rather by focusing first on a joint organizational and functional process (best practice and quick win).


Silent deployment, package factory, Windows Installer, APPX / UWP, etc. are terms that are part of our DNA.

For 15 years, DMI has trained and supported you on the most beautiful packaging and application repackaging technologies. Your strategy is to outsource services, DMI is one of the only players in the market to offer you a factory package located in France.

Because a package alone is nothing, we go until the integration in your infrastructure.

Dashboard and Reporting

DMI has capitalized on the needs of its customers to make a pack containing thirty standard reports, available regardless of the publisher, in order to have a quick feedback, complete and especially corresponding to real production needs .

The other aspect of reporting is the need to have Dashboards, most often intended for Service Desk team managers. This kind of report is clearly distinguishable from “standard” reports by their actual data updated in real time.

Most of the time, DMI is responsible for customizing Dashboards to meet the needs of customers, in addition to the standard report package.


Sell a solution without training? Especially not!
DMI offers you a personalized training to your needs as part of our accreditation “training center”.

What is the procedure?

  • Contact our sales team
  • Let us know your needs & defining the best option
  • We take care of writing a training plan and a convention if you want to go through a training budget
  • Wait for the approval to take charge of your collecting organization or direct order
  • Plan the training

In order to complete its range of services, DMI offers you an exclusive support in the form of tickets.

The DMI support contract is not redundant to the maintenance of your acquired products, it is complementary.

One concerns the “produced” support by the Software Publisher ; the other assistance for all types of problems, requests for support, request for training, consulting, etc.

This support allows you to get the help of a DMI engineer, on site or remotely, for any request and all the products in our portfolio.

Each ticket is equivalent to 1 hour of support, so you can use your tickets for technical questions but also on-site support.

✓ Specific Packaging
✓ Reporting
✓ Settings
✓ Writing deliverables
✓ Writing of specifications
✓ Bug management with Editors (follow up)
✓ Training
✓ Advanced customization
✓ Opportunity study
✓ Discovery Workshops

Technical support

Standardization and automation technologies

  • UEM

    Unified Endpoint Management

  • ITMS

    IT Service Management

  • ITAM

    IT Asset Management


    Detailed and graphical reports


    Package creation …


    Backups & Anti-virus

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Our Software Publisher partners

2019 will be an opportunity for you to start new projects: windows 10 migration, enhanced security, user mobility…  always in a profitability approach. The solutions of the editors are in perpetual evolution and you don’t wish to make the bad choice: we will be there for you in particular to advise you, to accompany you in the integration of the solution or to assist you in case of technical problems.

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