12 software partners publishers market leaders,

Solutions adapted to your needs

We offer a catalog of products and solutions from the technology leaders we deploy. These solutions are selected, tested and mastered in a logic of total objectivity, expertise in connectivity of heterogeneous organizations and sustainability of investment that make our difference and strength.

The power of Unified IT

Turnkey solutions


Secure your data

Protection 360°

Backup - Restore - Cloud

Business Processes

The service catalog

Isilog Bordeaux Nancy DMI Informatique

ITSM - CMDB - Asset Management - ITIL

World leader

Windows 10 migrations

Microsoft - Magic Quadrant UEM

Intune - Deployment - Inventory

Automate your IT

Give your users a unique experience

Flexera Bordeaux Nancy DMI Informatique

Packaging - Deployment - Upgrade

Automated processes

Modernize your IT

Matrix42 - Magic Quadrant UEM

ITSM - ITAM - UEM - Security

Automate time-consuming tasks

Manage more easily and reduce costs

Symantec DMI Informatique Nancy Bordeaux

Migrations - Deployments - Inventory

Privilege Manager

Keep control!

Access Rights - Strategies - Protection

Supervise your IT park

Automate safely

Kaseya Bordeaux Nancy DMI Informatique

Audit - Inventory - Fixes - Protection

Avoid data loss

Ensure confidentiality

Veritas Bordeaux Nancy DMI Informatique

Backups - Restore - Security

Against malware and threats

Security 360°

Logo Webroot

Control - Protection - Confidentiality

Services catalogue

Unparalleled simplicity

Ecaldima Bordeaux Nancy DMI Informatique

Demand Management - Inventories, Assets, Contracts - CMDB

Recognized integrator

16 years of progress on software publisher solutions

DMI maintains a close relationship with its publishing partners. Each partnership agreement awarded by DMI is accompanied by a training of sales, pre-sales and technical teams.

We keep an access to the software publisher’s technologies and services (technical platforms, 2 & 3 support level, technical and commercial departments, etc.).

We work every day to make you benefit from this privileged relationship.