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Flexera InstallShield

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Use case of Flexera InstallShield

  • Installations, upgrades and uninstalls

    Develop MSI and EXE installation tools and create applications packages with Universal Windows Universal Platform (UWP).

  • Simplify virtual and cloud-based deployments

    Enables the use of multilevel install templates to deploy web or servers applications with a single cloud-friendly packaging.

  • Microsoft Windows and Visual Studio compatible

    Full support for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.x and Windows 10, the quick and easy way to create Windows installers. Creates installations directly in Microsoft Visual Studio. ( PowerShell scripts)

  • User experience

    Creates installers that match the brand of your company and products with InstallShield’s Advanced UI Editor. It locates the installation text in 35 different languages.

Undisputed market leader, InstallShield will simplify and personalize your application deployments.

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Key of success

  • All-in-One UWP package

    Expand your installation into modules to simplify deployment and maintenance, and merge compile-time components and dependencies into a single UWP (Appx) application package for the Windows Store.

  • Creating custom Windows 10 thumbnails

    Your Windows Installer and UWP applications automatically appear on the Windows 10 Start screen with dynamic thumbnails (user-friendly).

  • Mapping connections between MSI tables

    Get information about connections between MSI tables to improve troubleshooting process. Quickly detect the impact of modifications on your installation tool to reduce the unintended consequences of manually changing tables.