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Use case of Ivanti Application Control

  • Trusted ownership

    Simplify your whitelists now ! Allow only the execution of applications implemented by trusted administrators.

  • Strategy Engine

    Give your users access to the elements they need, quickly, with transparent access to apps based on detailed strategies with context recognition

  • Dynamic white lists

    Create flexible preventative policies to ensure that only known trusted applications can run on a system

  • Privilege Management

    Find the balance between access and security. Remove full Admin rights, but give detailed access to apps that users need

  • Digital signatures

    Ensure application integrity by assigning digital signatures to prevent the execution of modified applications (or third-party)

  • Change request

    Allow your users to urgently request elevation of their privileges or access to applications, when they need quick access to stay productive

  • License Management

    Determine the users who have permission to run named applications and the duration of this run

  • Archiving apps

    Copy the forbidden files that the users tried to execute and store them in a secure repository for analysis

The essential tool to simply secure your workstations. Removes the administrative rights of your users, eliminates « zero-day » vulnerabilities, handles privilege escalation and application white lists, and simplifies management by IT teams.

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Control user privileges access to the server user applications

  • Easy control

    Reduce the workload of the IT department. Effectively control applications and user privileges across your entire environment.

  • Better control for SCCM

    Distribute application control configurations to client computers in “push mode”. Use SCOM to collect events and audit details

  • Access control to the server

    Manage administrative rights for non-IT users by limiting server login rights for performing specific tasks

  • Balance between security and user needs

    Deliver the apps users need, when and where they need them to deliver a quality user experience while protecting endpoints

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