Ivanti : Environment Manager (Sécurité) (EN)

Provide each collaborator with a custom workstation

users by improving the responsiveness of workstations

Ivanti Environment Manager

Increase productivity

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Use case of Ivanti Environment Manager

  • Profiles

    Create a user profile feed

  • Migration

    Migrate profile data from one OS to another

  • Integrity

    Self-correction, in real time

  • Triggers

    Triggering actions according to conditions

The « Must Have » to simplify the management of profiles and user configurations. Create a custom workspace for your users by applying contextual strategies without the constraints of roaming profiles.

Clément LEMAIREEndpoint Management Consultant / Technical Lead

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Key of success : Ivanti Environment Manager

  • Easy migration

    Windows 10 migrations and physical desktop migrations with VDI are much easier if you manage user settings independently of the OS

  • Conformity

    Easily apply highly detailed user-specific strategies to meet your business and industry standards

  • Productivity

    Fast connections and custom workspaces that users love

and develop all the power of Ivanti Environment Manager

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