Get the most out of your IT investments

Complete management of your assets centralized

Ivanti Asset Manager

Manage your fleet from a single console

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Manage your IT with Use case of Ivanti Asset Manager

  • Visibility of equipments

    Discover and inventory assets, gather purchase information from vendors, and normalize software names

  • Software License Tracking

    Recover unused licenses, verify their compliance and meet the needs of the business.

  • Life cycle management

    Track the status of the equipments from purchase to scrap to ensure their optimization

  • Automated Workflows

    Quickly start your asset management strategy through the processes of an new employee. Manage On/Off Boarding, auditing and scrapping

Avant-Vente DMI : Guillaume SERTON

Asset management is crucial for a company that must value its assets and manage the life cycle of these properties. Ivanti with Asset Manager completes its asset management technical offer (EPM) initially offering SaaS.

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    Key of success : Ivanti Asset Manager

    • Asset management tool

      Do not just pick at random. Accurately track your hardware and software for complete asset management

    • Reduction of expenses related to IT assets

      Recover unused licenses, reduce downtime and access accurate data to better negotiate with your suppliers

    • Unique solution

      More than 50% of companies use a dozen or more discovery tools. Get everything you need in ONE solution !