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License Optimizer

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Use case of Ivanti License Optimizer

  • Automate asset discovery and tracking

    Stop filling in spreadsheets. Automate the import, inventory and tracking of your hardware and software assets with License Optimizer for customers.

  • Avoid unnecessary purchases of IT equipments

    Retrieve unused software licenses for redeployment. Get accurate data that gives you an advantage in your negotiations with suppliers.

  • Optimization of licenses and recommendations

    Get product-specific recommendations for managing your IT investments. Avoid unnecessary expenses and limit financial risks.

  • Software License Monitoring

    Monitor the use of software and licenses to make sure you comply and stay in compliance.

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License compliance management is paramount.

Key of success : Ivanti License Optimizer

  • Valuable recovery functions

    Automatically recover unused software licenses to reduce IT spending.

  • Modeling and analysis "What would happen if ...?"

    Develop various scenarios for your projects (such as cloud migration) and implement the version that ensures the best success.