A multi-level security strategy

Counter threats without impacting your network and users

Ivanti Patch EndPoint Manager

Secure your IT

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Use case of Ivanti Patch EndPoint Manager

  • Endpoint Manager Extension

    Secure and manage systems from a single console

  • Support for heterogeneous platforms

    Comprehensive vulnerability detection and remediation for Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Mac OS X. This also includes vulnerability detection and reporting for systems running HP-UX

  • Wake On Wan

    Wake machines across the enterprise without a specific network configuration, and increase the success rate of patches while accelerating deployment

  • Visibility

    View patch status through analytics, dashboards, and reports

  • Distributed patches

    Test patches, create packages with multiple applications, and patch pre-cached across your network for rapid deployment without impacting users or the network

  • Third-party application patches

    86% of reported vulnerabilities originate from third-party applications. Apply fixes to the most fragile elements.

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Key of success : Ivanti Patch EndPoint Manager

  • Strengthen security

    Develop and automate consistent strategies for patching all your assets, even mobile, remote, or idle assets

  • Risk reduction

    Detect and fix OS and App vulnerabilities. third party on different systems to bring you into compliance with the laws and regulations in force

  • Advance the company

    Eliminate the hardships that hinder users’ devices, and apply patches at the right time and in the right conditions to minimize the impact on users

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