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Ivanti Patch for Windows

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Use case of Ivanti Patch for Windows

  • Fixes that are not limited to the OS

    86% of reported vulnerabilities are from third-party apps. Apply patches, in addition to Windows OS.

  • Secure virtual servers

    Discover, inventory, and patch your physical servers, VMs, and models, regardless of their power state, even if they are not online

  • Reduced effort and IT costs

    Automate patch management from discovery to evaluation to distribution of updates. See the results of your efforts in an intuitive interface

  • Bring together security, IT and DevOps

    Integrate patch management with other functions, for a more robust infrastructure, and help the IT department help secure the business

Avant-Vente DMI : Guillaume SERTON

Who did not want to have an efficient vision on the patch level of its servers? … and without agent to deploy. Ivanti Patch for Windows can meet this need through a simple console, very visual and automate your patch management process on your Windows servers.

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Key of success : Ivanti Patch for Windows

  • Advanced API stack

    Integrates with security solutions, vulnerability analyzers, configuration management tools and other reporting tools

  • Discovery

    Analyze physical and virtual systems to detect missing patches

  • Task scheduling

    Advance the business. Schedule patching at times when it’s not going to impact your users

  • A single management console

    Get precise granular control of the entire patching process

  • Advanced Reporting

    Make better decisions faster, with complete real-time dashboards that consolidate data from multiple sources into a single view

  • Deploying Agentless Patches

    Lighten your workload and limit the footprint of your servers

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