Unified management for all devices of your users

Endpoint Manager: an undeniable mobility

Ivanti UEM

(EndPoint Manager)

The strengths of a unified management

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Transform Ivanti Endpoint Manager into a Self-Service Software Portal! Free IT support and empower your users with a plugin.

Use case of Ivanti UEM (Unified Endpoint Manager)

  • Endpoint management

    Discover, inventory and configure all devices: PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and smartphones

  • Software Distribution

    Target groups of users or set up an App Store interface that automatically downloads software to the appropriate devices

  • OS Provisonning

    Simplify image application – quickly deploy or migrate your devices to the latest Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems

  • Remote control of PCs and MACs

    Interact with users securely to solve their problems and train them wherever you are

UEM is one of the world market leaders! This complete solution makes it possible to manage your peripherals and mobiles that they are connected to the internal infrastructure and in mobility.

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Key of success : Ivanti UEM (Unified Endpoint Manager)

  • Dashboards, Workspaces

    Set up executive dashboards and role-based workspaces to provide contextual information and actions

  • iOS & MacOS Management

    Discover complete management of Mac and iOS devices, from inventory to OS deployment or software

  • Manage all devices

    Manage and secure iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices from a console, single enrollment, and policy management

  • Power Management

    Set up green IT and report on your actual energy savings

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