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Automated Endpoint Security

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Matrix42 in collaboration with


EnSilo and Matrix42 join forces

to provide you with a data protection platform that combines the functions of an Endpoint Prevention Platform (EPP) with those of an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Automated Endpoint Security : Avoid cyberkill !

  • Comprehensive security

    Security should not have a negative impact on business processes. Even with a compressed system, you should be able to continue working

  • Prevent real-time data theft

    enSilo protects real-time data against theft because it works at the operating system level

  • Real-time protection against ransomware attacks

    enSilo stops ransomware before the data can be encrypted. It works at the operating system level, like no other solution in the market

  • 1 alert per active threat

    enSilo warns you only after preventing malicious outgoing communications, data manipulation, or unauthorized encryption

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Protection process


Step 1 : Ensilo Collector

Collector captures operating system metadata


Step 2 : Follow-up activities

When a connection is established or a file is changed, a screenshot is sent.


Step 3 : Ensilo Core

The metadata is analyzed and the IT security team prevents data theft or ransomware attack.


Step 4 : 

Only legitimate connections or file changes are allowed.