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Matrix42 MyWorkspace, the power of cloud computing

  • Access controls

    Take advantage of role-based access controls, ensuring that employees only use the applications and content that you have allowed them in MyWorkspace.

  • Optimal security

    MyWorkspace provides optimal security for employee arrival and departure, since access to enterprise applications and data (Identity & Access Management) can be automatically granted or removed.

  • Ensure compliance

  • Optimize your costs

    In a sustainable way and free up time for your IT resources, which can focus on high added value tasks.

  • Total access

    Continue to use your existing systems and provide access to all business applications, whether in SaaS, web or other mode.

  • Availability

    Access your user workspace from anywhere, anytime.

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Matrix42 MyWorkspace

Your browser becomes your newest operating system your favorite console !

  • Password

    No need to remember all your passwords: with MyWorkspace, you have a unique password to access all your applications in a simple and secure way.

  • URLs

    Save all relevant URLs from your browsers for convenient access wherever you are.

  • Your tool: the web browser

    Easily access all your applications with MyWorkspace via your browser, regardless of the device you use.

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