Manage all your devices from a single console

a powerful UEM solution with a user-centric approach

Matrix42 UEM

(Unified Endpoint Management)

Give IT great flexibility

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Matrix42 UEM (Unified Endpoint Management)

  • Flexible

    Simple, fast, and flexible management of mobile, physical and hybrid devices, operating systems, applications, and configurations through a unique interface

  • Autonomous

    Automatic selection of the adapted management console

  • Economic management

    Cost-effective management of a large number of devices, regardless of device type

  • Lower costs for device management

    Thanks to consolidation of management in one solution instead of two

  • One license per user

    Reduced per-employee costs over the long-term through a user license

  • Satisfied and productive employees

    Use their favorite device and can securely access the data and applications they need

Matrix42 offers with UEM a global solution for computers and mobiles. Combined with Empirum, the solution provides unequaled flexibility in the management of its IT infrastructure. We have here an open and very accessible product ! The modularity of Matrix42’s different solutions and their interconnection makes it possible to cover a broad-spectrum of customers, from SMBs to large accounts.

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Facilitating the management of your IT infrastructure is choosing an Endpoint Management solution !

Make profits with the UEM solution

  • Access rights

    Free selection and use of endpoint in accordance with company guidelines

  • Higher productivity

    Regardless of the location, time when the endpoint is used, the user can easily and securely access to their work environment

  • Effective deployment

    Rapid service delivery and automated deployment of applications across all devices used

  • Secured access

    To corporate networks and business data with company-owned or user-owned devices (BYOD)

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