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Key of success : Microsoft MDT

  • Update a device to Windows 10

    The « refresh » scenario of a device consists of reinstalling the operating system on the same computer.

    The easiest way to upgrade PCs currently running Windows 7 and later to Windows 10 is to perform an in-place upgrade.

  • Integration in SCCM

    All of the functionality of MDT can be integrated into SCCM in order to benefit from the power of the two solutions in one and the same management platform.

  • Create a Windows 10 image

    With Windows 10, it is not mandatory to create reference images. However, to reduce the time required for deployment, you may want to create a reference image that contains some basic applications, as well as all the latest updates.

  • Deploy Windows 10

    Whether through a reference image or via native Windows 10 sources, MDT allows you to deploy your devices in a fully automated way including OS configuration, silent installation of drivers and your software.

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The perfect free solution for deploying and migrating your Windows 10 desktops. It makes sense when paired with SCCM, benefiting from the best of both products.

Key of success : Microsoft MDT

  • Management of remote sites

    Ability to create a deployment infrastructure, with content replication management, to manage remote sites or branch offices

  • UEFI and Legacy BIOS

    Supports deployment on computers that require the new GPT GUID partition table format

  • Application Modern UI

    Provides applications based on the new Windows Application Package Standard (APPX / UWP), used in Windows 8 and later

  • Endpoints types

    Support : Laptop, Desktop PC, Tablet, Physical Server, Virtual Machine

  • Deployment to VHD

    Provides predefined task sequence templates for deploying Windows to a virtual hard disk (VHD)

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