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System Center Configuration Manager

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Transform Microsoft SCCM into a Self-Service Software Portal! Free IT support and empower your users with a plugin.

Use case of Microsoft SCCM

  • Deploy operating systems (OS)

    Configuration Manager distributes operating systems across desktops, servers, laptops, and physical mobile devices across enterprise networks and eliminates the inefficiencies and errors associated with manually installing applications. With Windows 10, Configuration Manager can also handle in-place upgrades, dramatically reducing the time and complexity of Windows deployment.

  • Inventory

    Configuration Manager take care of your organization’s inventory (hardware and software) to help you get an accurate view of the resources you have. Configuration Manager allows you to enable custom hardware inventory more easily and extend the inventory schema.

  • Reporting

    Reporting in Configuration Manager helps you to collect, to organize, and to present information about user inventory, hardware and software, software updates, applications, site status, and other operations.

  • Application teledistribution

    Configuration Manager takes a user-centric approach to application delivery that allows administrators to create the same application that can be delivered to all of a user’s devices. It evaluates the capabilities of devices and networks, and optimizes delivery.

  • Management of software updates

    Configuration Manager simplifies task administration, including managing updates and synchronizing them with the company’s IT systems. IT administrators can deliver updates for Microsoft products, third-party applications, hardware drivers, and system BIOS.

  • Windows 10 Management

    Configuration Manager is designed to keep pace with Windows 10 updates to provide support for new Windows features as they become available. If Configuration Manager is integrated with Microsoft Intune, you can choose between several Windows 10 deployment and management options, some of which are best for your business.

Get the power of a proven tool that works seamlessly with Intune in Microsoft’s cloud management ecosystem. Its simplicity of use and its performances make it a world reference.

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1 management console, thousands of possibilities !

Key of success : Microsoft SCCM

  • Updates within the console

    The increasing speed of publishing Windows, iOS and Android updates forces your management solution to keep pace. Configuration Manager console updates and maintenance provide more frequent and easy-to-apply updates for new features, cumulative updates, Microsoft Intune extensions, and individual patches.

  • Multi-site management

    Ability to create a remote infrastructure, to manage the replication of content, to manage remote sites or subsidiaries.

  • Customer Integrity and Management

    Configuration Manager displays the results of customer health assessment and customer activities directly in the console, providing alert and remediation capabilities if the health statistics are below the established thresholds.

  • Microsoft Intune integration

    Integrate your System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure with Microsoft Intune and extend it to manage computers, Macs, Unix / Linux servers, and cloud-based mobile devices running Windows, iOS, and Android from a single management console.

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