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Transform Symantec Altiris into a Self-Service Software Portal! Free IT support and empower your users with a plugin.

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  • Flexible

    Symantec offers a complete solution for managing Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtual machines from a single console. With Symantec ™ Client Management Suite powered by Altiris technology, you can easily manage your Mac environment with patch management and software deployment

  • Patch of third-party applications

    Centralized and simplified patch management for Microsoft applications and more than 50 third-party applications. With this solution, you can quickly detect and repair security vulnerabilities in multiple operating systems.

  • Patches and updates

    Remote users can now be safely managed on the Internet. It means no longer worrying if a device still exists, if it is used or if it is up to date. Regardless of your location, you can provide updates and deploy applications remotely.

  • License Management

    Manage software purchases, contracts and others.. all simplified through a single platform. You can keep a close watch and become aware of unused licenses. You can more easily save money by avoiding penalties and fines.

  • Resource tracking

    Client Management Suite discovers and tracks all hardware and software components of your IT infrastructure. With this solution, your team can quickly identify problems and apply solutions.

Symantec has developed a tool to manage endpoints, even if they are not connected, to the corporate network through the Cloud Enabled Management (CEM) gateway, with a centralized ITMS solution for inventory management, deploy operating systems, manage patches, and run reports. The solution is particularly well-suited for multi-site environments with several thousand workstations.

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Facilitating the management of your IT infrastructure is choosing an Endpoint Management solution !

Key of success : Symantec CMS

  • Patch Catalog

    Patch management for Microsoft software, managing a catalog of more than 50 third-party publisher applications, deploying patches for Mac and Linux clients.

  • Offline management

    Manage customers who are not connected to the local network with the Cloud-Enabled Management (CEM) solution. These endpoints can be managed without VPN. Only an internet connection is enough.

  • Network management

    Manage bandwidth when distributing software through relay servers or with the Peer to Peer feature

  • Software audit

    Find and keep a close watch on applications that do not conform to your company policy, by warning or denying access to prohibited applications.

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