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Thycotic Privilege Manager

How to keep control

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Use case of Keep control with Thycotic Privilege Manager

  • Application control

    Define which applications to install and access rights

  • Simplify your tasks

    Thycotic provides fast strategy and application templates to save time and effort. Make the tool your right arm !

  • Secret server

    You get a multi-layered full protection of your credentials

  • Group policy

    Specify strategies to apply based on user type, operating system, time of day, network status, etc…

  • Integrated reports

    Apply strategies, meet compliance requirements for PCI, NIST, NERC CIP, SOX and more


What do the studies on privilege management reveal ?

  • 31% companies rely on outdated processes
  • 13% have full confidence in their PAM tool
  • 77% persons say they can easily steal sensitive information if they leave the company

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Is it permissible for a person who left the company to access the company’s data for several months ?

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How does Thycotic work ?

Privilege Manager is an essential help for managing endpoint security ! Transparent for the users, you give rights on the applications and not on the accounts, which will facilitate the work of your support.

Use case : If a user wants to add a printer on his computer, with Thycotic Privilege Manager, you can give him the possibility without increasing his rights level on his computer !

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