Avoid data loss with Veritas

Automated backup and recovery of stored data

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)


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Use case of Veritas DLO

  • Automated file protection

    Connected or not to the internet : your datas are fully protected on all your devices

  • Unified Management

    Dashboard providing a graphical visualization of the DLO environment

  • Detailed reporting

    Automated reports for the backup status of all desktops and laptops in the environment and more

  • Integrated security

    Built-in 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) encryption. DLO is a tool compatible with all third-party encryption solutions

  • Open files bakcups

    Supports open file backups (and backup of open PST archives) – Ensure that current working files are also protected

Protect your user data while limiting bandwidth usage by combining incremental backup coupled with the powerful built-in deduplication engine.
This is the ideal solution for your low-speed networks.
Most ? You also have the option to back up your data locally, allowing you to restore multiple versions of your files during business trips, without being connected to the corporate network!

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    The heart of society : data !

    What do the studies on backups reveal?

    • 20% companies do not do it daily
    • 80% companies that have lost their computer data go bankrupt
    • 35% companies establish a structured backup process

    Gain bandwidth ! confidentiality.

    • Flexible implementation

      Customizable backup and distributable components based on organization size and requirements

    • Saving bandwidth and storage

      Built-in capabilities for data deduplication and bandwidth throttling as well as data compression at the source

    • Easy access to saved data

      Mobile app for iOS and Android platforms and web restore capability

    • Guarantee the confidentiality of the data

      Configuring the VIP Profile for users requiring exclusive restore rights

    • Diagnostic Utility

      Analysis and diagnosis of the state of the DLO services and the accessibility of the various components in the environment DLO

    • Continuous backup

      With each change, DLO makes a backup of your files. It ensures the durability of your data.

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