Veritas DLO 9.4 (mise à jour solution)

Veritas a publié le 03 Août 2020 la mise à jour de sa solution Desktop And Laptop Option.

Voici plus en détails le contenu de la mise à jour Veritas DLO 9.4 :

  • Restauration simplifiée des données des utilisateurs qui ont quitté l’entreprise

    DLO améliore désormais l’expérience de l’administrateur avec la possibilité d’effectuer une restauration transparente des données, depuis la console, des utilisateurs qui ont quitté l’entreprise et ont été supprimé de Active Directory

  • Mappage et Audit

    La mise à jour Veritas DLO 9.4 apporte des améliorations en termes de mappage de la machine utilisateur et des rapports d’enregistrements de ses actions (journal d’audit)

  • Prise en charge du chiffrement MacOS

    DLO 9.4 prend en charge le chiffrement FileVault2 des systèmes MacOS

  • (3985276) Post upgrade, if large number of endpoints (> 2k) are connected in BOI mode, the endpoint backups are not working.
  • (3979576) Data migration fails if temporary files like .vts, .vrts are part of NUDF.
  • (3989553) Unable to update DSL credentials after password change, when some DSL shares are not accessible
  • (3989596) Emergency restore is failing for user names having polish characters.
  • (3987318) Could not generate ‘User Status by Profile’ report using Japanese characters
  • (DLO-2320) If a user is launching the client on a machine other than the one set in ‘User-Machine’ mapping, a dialog box should be displayed.
  • (3985047) After upgrade to 9.3.2, email notifications were failing.
  • (3982120) backup status % is not getting updated successfully
  • (DLO-2939) When a folder named DBBackup is created in the root of any drive, DLO Admin service is deleting it automatically
  • (DLO-2902) Restore from admin console for users not part of AD.
  • (3999145) Error occurs if either ‘Domain’ or ‘Group’ fields are blank and try to configure AUA by selecting the second option i.e. ‘Assign using Active Directory’.
  • 3997352) Dedupe server label is reported as “I” instead of “Dedupe Server” in Dashboard of DLO Admin console.
  • (3988036) Files and folders under /Users//Library/Application Support/ are not backed up on Mac.
  • (DLO-3012) Restart of dedupe service shouldn’t update the ‘cleanup_time’ in potential garbage table to current system date.
  • (4006351) The global exclude “Lengthy Files” should not allow clients to backup any file name having more than 200 characters.
  • (4001314) Client logs should be enhanced incase if network throttling during backup doesn’t work
  • (3995469) Report generation fails when the system date format is changed
  • (DLO-3090) Updating DLO DR document for 9.4
  • (DLO-3117) Modifying the content of “Importing Storage locations” in DLO admin guide
  • (4007467) Description for the remote storage locations is incorrect in the DLO Admin Guide.

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