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Turn Ghost Solution Suite into a Self-Service Software Portal! Free IT support and empower your users with a plugin.

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Use case of Symantec GSS

  • Deploy operating systems (OS)

    Whether through a reference image or via native sources, GSS allows you to deploy Windows, Linux or OSX on your devices in a fully automated way including the OS configuration, the silent installation of drivers as well as your software.

  • Create a migration scenario to Windows 10

    Imagine a fully automated migration to Windows 10 through forms, a task sequencing for user data backup, OS deployment, application delivery and data recovery

  • Inventory

    Use natively reported information or create your own custom inventory to design reporting / dashboard with SQL Server Reporting Service

  • Distribute software

    Deploy silently and remotely any type of software: EXE, MSI, RPM, PKG, TGZ, DEB, …

  • Running remote scripts

    Running Remote Scripts: PowerShell, VBS / WSH, Batch in a user or administrator context

The perfect asset for your Windows 10 desktop deployments and migrations. A true task scheduler designed to be easy to use, flexible and powerful.


Automate your Window 10 migration
from € 4,900!

(Important) end of Windows 7 support in January 2020.

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Key of success Symantec GSS

  • Simple and intuitive interface

    Perform all maintenance tasks in a single console. Order the execution of a script or a deployment with just one click. Just it.

  • Very light infrastructure

    A client-type configuration or a virtual machine is sufficient to host the solution and its database

  • Simplified deployments

    The cost of deployment is greatly reduced. Fully customize a typical machine and deploy it on all your devices, whether inside your company or outside. GSS is support for Linux, Mac and Windows systems on desktop or laptop, tablet, servers as well as thin clients.

  • PXE server

    GSS inherits the very powerful PXE server from “Altiris Deployment Solution” allowing boot on PE environments of the last generation (WinPE 10, LinuxPE)

  • Sites Management

    Ability to create a deployment infrastructure, with content replication management, to manage remote sites or branch offices

  • UEFI and Legacy BIOS

    Supports deployment on computers that require the new GPT GUID partition table format.

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